Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act allows you to request a copy of your immigration records from various immigration agencies, such as USCIS, ICE, or CBP. These FOIA requests can contain vital information that you need to know—and may have forgotten—in order to determine your eligibility for certain immigration benefits like a green card or naturalization. For example, perhaps you cannot recall how many times or what dates you entered the country, whether you received a voluntary return or an expedited removal order at the border, or where, when, and why you may have been detained by ICE in the past.

To request assistance in obtaining your immigration records, please call our office at 313-251-8282 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment from this website.

FBI Criminal Record Report

An FBI Criminal Record Report or Identity History Summary, known more commonly as a “rap sheet,” is a listing of information retained by the FBI relating to national arrest information, such as agency name, date of arrest, the arrest charge, and the disposition of the arrest. This information is collected by the FBI any time a person is arrested and fingerprinted. The report is obtained by submitting an individual’s set of fingerprints to the FBI records request office, along with a small fee payable by credit card, money order, or certified check made payable to the Treasury of the United States.

Before applying for any kind of immigration relief, it is critical that you are fully aware of your complete criminal history. For example, an arrest (even if you were not charged) or a conviction that was later expunged is still critical information that your attorney will need in order to best advise you on your immigration options.

We have the capability to take your fingerprints in our office, saving you the inconvenience and potential anxiety of having them done at a police station or other law enforcement facility.

If you want to request an FBI Criminal Record History Report or to find out more information including pricing, please call our office at 313-251-8282.

Powers of Attorney/Travel Consent Forms

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows another person to act on your behalf. This is an invaluable tool for those facing the possibility of deportation or detention. Be prepared by designating someone you trust to make financial, legal, or childcare decisions in your absence.

A power of attorney for your child allows you to designate another adult to make decisions for your child, such as medical or school-related decisions. It is temporary and does not require you to give up your parental or custodial rights.

A travel consent form is a similar document that allows you to designate someone to travel with your minor U.S. citizen child if they need to visit family members abroad and you cannot travel with them.

To find out more about our power-of-attorney services and how you can prepare yourself and your family in an immigration emergency, please call our office at 313-251-8282.

Notary Services

Certain documents such as wills, powers of attorneys, and some court documents must be notarized in order to have legal effect. A document is notarized when a third party, known as a notary public, verifies your identity, witnesses you signing the document and, in some cases, requires you to swear or affirm that the facts in the document are true.

You must present some form of government-issued photo identification to the notary before signing.

If you want a document notarized or to find out more information including pricing, please call our office at 313-251-8282.

Passport-Style Photos

Many immigration-related applications, such as work permit and green card applications, require the submission of passport-style photographs. The photographs must have been taken within 30 days of filing the application and must be:

  • 2” x 2” in color with full face, frontal view;
  • On a white to off-white background, printed on thin paper with a glossy finish; and
  • Be un-mounted and un-retouched.

We have the capability to produce your passport-style photographs in our office, saving you the inconvenience of obtaining them elsewhere. 

To schedule an appointment for passport photos or for more information including pricing, please call our office at 313-251-8282.